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Turn Around Consulting.​

For many years, the medium-sized hotel industry and above all the restaurant and catering industry have been operating in a generally extremely difficult market environment, which has been drastically exacerbated by the current situation.

Financing problems, a decline in turnover due to the closing of companies at the location, severe recruitment difficulties, illness of the owner or an unsuccessful handover of the business to the next family generation can quickly bring a business into economic distress.

We are your partner in getting your business back on track for success.

We can help you quickly and easily with a well-founded cost analysis and the identification of initial measures that can be implemented quickly to increase turnover.

We get everyone at the table: You, your bank and your tax advisor. Beforehand, we prepare the key financial data professionally so that you can negotiate with your bank on an equal footing.

We show you and your bank ways out of the crisis. If you so wish, we will also conduct the negotiations within the agreed framework.

Banks and insolvency administrators trust in our many years of experience in helping troubled businesses to get themselves back on the market, if necessary with a very close-knit advisory service.

LHC Consulting Hotelberatung Würzburg
LHC Consulting Hotelberatung Würzburg
LHC Consulting Hotelberatung Würzburg

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